G-Switch 3 : A New Long-Awaited G-Switch Sequel

Gravity is a fun old concept. The first scientist who studied gravity with seriousness has been English mathematician and Astronomer Isaac Newton, who famously (and likely at least apocryphally) was struck on the head with an apple that fell from a tree. Newton utilized this potentially unpleasant incident to study the laws of gravity. The principle is that anything that rises must fall and all physical objects must follow the same laws. The Earth is a magnet for gravitational force and all objects are permanently drawn toward this pull.

One thing Newton likely believed would never be feasible was the capability to turn off gravity and modify it at will. If we wanted to climb a mountain however, we’re not able to hit a button to achieve it. In the meantime until science catch up with our incredible concepts, we’re stuck in the world of video games. We’re fortunate to be well-served in this field. If we’re looking to challenge gravity’s laws There are a myriad of video games that allow us to do so.

One of these games one of these games is Portuguese creator Serius Games’ G-Switch 3. It’s as the name suggests it’s the third game within the G-Switch series, and all of which are accessible on mobile platforms should you’re looking to try it out. If you’re planning to play G-Switch 3, though, we strongly suggest using the web interface to go to https://g-switch3.co rather than turning at mobile platforms. You’ll require the precise keyboard controls for this game. The gameplay of G-Switch 3 isn’t particularly complex but it will require precision, and if your smartphone isn’t up to the task , you’ll be able to tell pretty fast.

What sort of gaming does it mean to call G-Switch 3? It’s not like the well-known indie game, G-Switch 3 doesn’t have any pretense to be an open-world or hiding secrets to discover. This is strictly linear where you’ll be running between left and right and enjoy it. There are tokens you can gather along the way to can unlock characters hidden from view, however these tokens are more of games with no secrets since they’re completely visible exposed to the world.

In all, anything that’s not the main game loop in G-Switch 3 is unnecessary distraction. The concept is incredibly simple You run sometimes, but when you are unable to run any further, you use your Space key on your keyboard to run along the walls or ceiling instead. If an obstacle blocks your way or you have to beware of a spiraling spikes, you hit Space. If the drop in front of your face is threatening to swallow you in the darkness, you press Space. If you’re confronted with the wall of spikes and there’s just one distance to victory then you (you already knew that) smash Space.

With only one button you’d think that G-Switch 3 might get boring however this isn’t the situation. Actually, the game is constantly enjoyable from beginning to end because of a variety of clever design decisions and an amazing presentation. The game’s three modes give you the most diverse options even though they’re all identical in terms of game mechanics however, they each cater to different requirements. The primary mode is for the vast majority gamers, who are looking for a gaming experience that is ending in a continuous loop. The infinite mode is an excellent way to relax, as removing the objective means that you’re only trying to beat your highest score. Furthermore, the multiplayer mode lets you enjoy the simplicity and beauty that is G-Switch 3 with friends.