G-Switch 3 : A New Long-Awaited G-Switch Sequel

Gravity is a fun old concept. The first scientist who studied gravity with seriousness has been English mathematician and Astronomer Isaac Newton, who famously (and likely at least apocryphally) was struck on the head with an apple that fell from a tree. Newton utilized this potentially unpleasant incident to study the laws of gravity. The principle is that anything that rises must fall and all physical objects must follow the same laws. The Earth is a magnet for gravitational force and all objects are permanently drawn toward this pull.

One thing Newton likely believed would never be feasible was the capability to turn off gravity and modify it at will. If we wanted to climb a mountain however, we’re not able to hit a button to achieve it. In the meantime until science catch up with our incredible concepts, we’re stuck in the world of video games. We’re fortunate to be well-served in this field. If we’re looking to challenge gravity’s laws There are a myriad of video games that allow us to do so. Continue reading G-Switch 3 : A New Long-Awaited G-Switch Sequel

Scarlet Nexus Game – What You Need To Know

The genre of Action-RPG is broad and covers everything. It includes soulslikes, first-person stealth-action games such as Deus Ex, isometric RPGs such as Diablo, and many other things. Scarlet Nexus, a game that mixes inspirations from fast-paced action games like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta with epic JRPGs such as the Persona and Tales of series, is unique within this broad range. Scarlet Nexus is an ambitious endeavor, but perhaps even more surprising is its success rate.

Scarlet Nexus is an Action RPG. However, that’s not the best way to describe it. Its moment to moment gameplay is pure action, just as you would expect from Platinum Games. The game’s linear levels are designed so you can move quickly between closed-off battles while combat is flashy, flashy, reflex-driven. Continue reading Scarlet Nexus Game – What You Need To Know